Holy Week in Queretaro


Location: Streets of the Historic Center of Querétaro, Qro.

Date: April 14, 2017 (Good Friday)

Time: 6:00 p.m.




Holy Week is an important part of our traditions, and is even more reason to manifest our folklorism through the festivities that take place at this time.


These celebrations are generally of a religious nature, and remind us of the passion and death of Jesus Christ.


Everything begins on Holy Thursday where the traditional Seven Sides Tour takes place: hundreds of people come to the main Temples and Parishes of Querétaro to remember the journey that Christ traveled before his crucifixion.


That same day in some houses and precincts of the city, it is possible to appreciate a singular Altar dedicated to the Virgin of Dolores and is distinguished by having countless vessels of which stand out plants of wheat of yellow color, making a beautiful contrast with the Purple color of the stairway on which the Altar is mounted. You can not miss the food stalls in the streets and squares of the city, where people finish their trip to the Mexican people to enjoy Mexican snacks.


For approximately thirty-four years in Santiago de Querétaro, the Procession of Silence is held, which takes place on Good Friday afternoon in the main streets of the Historic Center of the City, where different Brotherhood and Brotherhood groups perform A journey manifesting his great sorrow for the death of Jesus Christ. That same day in the morning, the Living Viacrucis is celebrated, which represents the Three Falls and the Crucifixion of Jesus. There are some municipalities of Querétaro that make of this celebration everything a ritual; In the municipality of El Marqués, people have been preparing for months, the same happens in San Joaquin, Tolimán, Corregidora, Amealco, Peñamiller and Jalpan de Serra


It is said that every principle has its end, the same thing happens in these festivities: the mourning disappears before the resurrection and with great joy and joy is carried out the Burning of Judas. The making of these figures takes place during Lent, where the artisans of Queretanos dedicate themselves to producing evil characters that represent the seven deadly sins. Hundreds of families buy his Judas, take him to his house and then see how it is consumed before the fire in a matter of minutes; This tradition takes place on Holy Saturday at night, celebrating the Glory of Jesus Christ.


These days, some of the Temples of Querétaro complement their activities with the Concerts of Sacred Music, which are performed with the participation of some choirs such as the State Conservatory; The Temple of San Antonio and the Congregation, stand out for having truly spectacular concerts.